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For the most up-to-date information on City Hall services, utilities, planning and permits, press releases and more, keep an eye on the Denham Springs City Hall Facebook page. Announcements are posted there first so connect with us today!

If you would like to volunteer to help sort and organize donated items, cook meals, help in clean-up, demolition or re-building of flooded properties, please click on the button below. Healing Place Church is ground zero for all Denham Springs Long Term Recovery Efforts.


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This is the official website for the City of Denham Springs, Louisiana,  Long Term Recovery Committee (DSLTRC). DSLTRC is dedicated to help those who are uninsured or underinsured to rebuild or repair their home after the devastating Great Flood of August, 2016. Nearly 30 inches of rain fell within 72 hours, overflowing rivers and tributaries and flooding nearly 90% of residential homes and leaving only 5 businesses standing (including schools and government facilities).  As a community organization, our goal is to help our neighbors get back on their feet to pre-disaster levels. 

Working together to rebuild Denham Springs

New socks & underwear (all sizes)


Black Trash bags

Mops and Buckets

Leather work gloves

Inflatable mattresses

Box fans

​Hand Sanitizer